This collection 'Edges of Riverland' is a series of images taken whilst I wandered along the River Tay corridor, around the airport and down into the dockland areas - including parts of the city centre and the western edges of Dundee too. The project occurred around early spring 13 up until autumn of 14 During this period I was beginning to encounter the stirrings of a major "urban redevelopment plan" which was about to re-imagine the riverside area of the city. Ultimately, I recorded this series of black and white images in an attempt to document my discoveries during this period of urban explorations.

I meander around the edges of the riverside and throughout the adjacent streets in between, skirting the noise and chaos of numerous construction sites and the growing numbers of empty shop fronts, the quiet industrial estates and abandoned dock areas. I was looking for the aesthetic and the poetic that can sometimes reside within the mundane, a discarded object, or maybe even an unconsidered scratched or damaged surface, these grimiest textures and ghostly fragments of graphic text are the ephemera most likely to be exposed to the vagaries of passing time. Subsequently I have selected a number of the most interesting 'diptychs' from this photo series and arranged them in a book format.
a full book preview can be seen: HERE

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